VeriShow Video Chat HD Video Chat, Co-browsing and Content Sharing

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  • Personalize your service & improve customer satisfaction

  • Use video chat, co-browsing & content sharing on your site

  • Increase conversions and improve sales

A Complete In-Person Customer-Engagement Platform

VeriShow provides a unique set of tools for online instant personal human engagement. It allows people to ask for help with a single click – like a call for “Mayday”. Reps can instantly appear in live video and communicate via VoIP or phone as well as co-browse or share content with the client in real-time.

Live Chat with Audio and Video Chat

Communication features include live text chat and the ability to escalate the interaction to a one or two-way audio/video conversation which utilizes the latest browser-based technologies, including WebRTC.

Real-time Content Sharing

Real-time content sharing features let the agent share product documents, videos and images and co-fill forms with the customer in real-time as well as let the customer share documents. These can be saved as PDF by each side, acting as content-transfer feature.

Website Co-browsing

Co-browsing allows reps to co-browse the company’s website with the customer. It can be used to guide the customer through the site and assist with completing a purchase. It supports navigation, scrolling, cursors, forms, HTTPS, logins, cookies and field masking!

No downloads / installation

The platform is web-based and does not require the agent or customer to install software. It supports all popular web browsers and only needs Flash 11.2+ to be present.