Signifyd Fight Fraud, Prevent Chargebacks. Leave the RISK to us!

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  • Increase revenue by selling safely even into international markets

  • Eliminate chargebacks by detecting fraudulent orders before you ship

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend reviewing orders for fraud

App Features:

Sync your store with Signifyd in seconds.

Installing Signifyd takes less than a minute. We'll start syncing your existing orders right away*, and new orders will be scored for risk in real-time going forward.

Setup alerts to get notified of risky orders

Never miss a fraudulent order again! Get notified of risky orders via email. Login to your settings page to choose the number of alerts your require – from once a day to every time a risky order is found.

Review orders using your case queue

Don’t have the time or not sure what to make of all your orders? Don't worry. We sift through the pile and find the bad apples. We’ll give you three statuses – Accept, Review or Decline. Click through the email notifications or login to your dashboard to check out your queue.

Know more about your customers

Whether the order is good or bad, Signifyd tells you everything about your customer – the phone owner, is it a mobile phone, their social network, the IP location, who lives at the shipping address, the credit card issued country, the age of the email address and much more.

Take action or ask us for protection

You can choose to Decline or Let it slide. Moderation actions are always your decision. We just make it easier. Not sure what to do and need help? Ask us and we’ll review and guarantee your order. You’ll never have to deal with a chargeback.