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Task by Task Monitoring

The longest journey starts with a single step, and the largest marketing campaign is always composed of smaller tasks. \r\n\r\nDOZ allows you to monitor your entire campaign task-by-task, assign and reassign tasks, customize every element of your campaign, and connect your team to a platform of 5,000 willing expert marketers worldwide.

Automatically Curated Marketers

Our algorithm determines, selects, and curates the marketing professionals most qualified to administer your online marketing campaigns. The most important factors used to filter these experts include physical location and cultural knowledge, market and industry expertise, work history and positive client reviews, and social and professional proof.


Essential Statistics

You may already be using software to follow the key performance indicators for your marketing actions. This is totally fine. We encourage our clients to use complete online marketing statistics software. Nevertheless, we added some essential metrics to the DOZ platform, such as keyword rankings on the search engines you select, traffic sources for your DOZ campaign, and web popularity.